We're building insurance technology products of the future. Our team of technology experts advises regulators, industry leaders, and startups on efficiently building and deploying technology systems throughout their organization.

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Over the last few decades, software products have become essential components for all successful businesses and organizations. With rapid advancements in technologies, many sectors of the economy have adapted to these inevitable changes and some have benefited greatly from successful human-led, computer-powered work.

The insurance sector has also evolved. Updating aged systems with highly sophisticated data management software, the industry has faced the expected challenges of modernization–data privacy, cybersecurity, scaling new services, etc. The insurance business has already entered a new phase of evolution in which machine learning systems with predictive modeling becomes fully normalized. As software and predictive systems dictate how decisions are made for people, there will be a monumental effect on how regulators interface with private industry, all while up-and-coming startups will attempt to explore the changing insurance landscape.

Accipitra works with all parties at the intersection of their work and technogical advancement. We take our unique understanding of artificial intelligence and machine learning and help leaders, operators, and information technology experts make fully informed decisions that can affect millions of people. We understand the careful balancing act that enables a healthy private sector to operate amidst the concerns of regulators to help protect and improve the lives of citizens everywhere.

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